by Eileen Nolan

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to the West, to the South, to the Midwest visiting and spending time with students and admission representatives on college campuses across the country. With each college road trip I take, I return amazed by the myriad choices available to high school students and the caliber of our higher education system. Below are three large universities I visited and have chosen  to highlight – University of Southern California (West), University of Miami (South), and Indiana University (Midwest). Among them they offer over 450 academic majors and over 300 academic minors. Two are private universities and one is a public university.

Though similar, each campus reflects the culture and the natural beauty of the geographical area where it is located. USC is a quintessential sunny California campus and located right outside Los Angeles. U of M’s campus is lined with palm trees and minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean. While IU, founded in 1820 – and built with classic Gothic architecture, contains the rolling brooks and old trees that embody a warm Midwestern charm.

Admission to college is competitive and it can be a challenging process for seniors and their families. Give “your search” the time it deserves. There are amazing opportunities throughout the country. And there are a number of good fit schools for every student. Visit, explore, and be confused. Ask questions. Give yourself the chance to see, feel and understand the culture of a campus, and all it has to offer you.

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