Personalized Counseling

Create choices.


Duke University Class of 2012 Womens Lacrosse Team, Bridget Nolan (#27)

Choosing a college and career path requires thoughtful planning.

Having visited over 75 colleges throughout the United States, we understand what colleges desire in a candidate. More importantly, we guide our students to identify colleges that are a strong educational and social match where they will succeed and thrive.

Nolan College Consulting offers a wide range of services personalized to fit the needs of our students and their families.

Contact us for an initial consultation to determine what services are right for you.


Scholar Athlete Package

For the student athlete who hopes to play collegiate Division I, II, or III athletics.


Comprehensive Package – The Road to College

Starting early is the first step to your success in college admissions. Because colleges will look at your complete high school record, it is important to make thoughtful and informed choices. At Nolan College Consulting we encourage you to begin early to take advantage of all we offer. We believe that taking the time to explore, discover and learn about yourself, and the wide array of college choices available, is by far the best path to reaching your future goals.

We are professionals who will guide you in all the following areas:

Freshman and Sophomore Years – Beginning the College Journey

  • Choose your courses wisely and create a successful transcript.
  • Plan productive summers – jobs, internships, community service and leadership opportunities.
  • Find a passion and pursue it.
  • Create a preliminary college list, to be re-evaluated junior year.
  • Take a personality/interest assessment, evaluate and discuss results.
  • Learn about standardized testing options (SAT, ACT, test optional colleges). Which test suits you best?
  • Generate a personalized guidance plan for college majors, pre-professional goals and career possibilities.
  • Brainstorm for essay ideas.

Junior and Senior Years – The Future is Now

  • Create the college list.
  • Create a timeline for standardized testing.
  • Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision Advisement. What is best for you?
  • Make college visits count.
  • Review academic courses for final two years of high school.
  • Develop a resume and activities list.
  • Who should write my recommendations?
  • Which colleges offer interviews?  Participate in a mock interview session.
  • Formulate a timeline for application completion, and complete applications.
  • Strategies for wait lists and deferrals.


Customized Guidance

We understand that each student’s needs are unique. We offer hourly consultation services and smaller guidance plans tailored to the individual student’s needs.  Please call us to discuss what plan works best for you.

    • Career and Internship Guidance
    • Choosing a Major
    • College List
    • Gap Year
    • Transfer